Season Too Short to Plant What You Planned?


We’ve talked again and again this year about the diminishing window for getting things seeded.  Crop insurance aside, there comes a time where we just don’t have enough days in the season for some of the crops that our region’s producers are used to planting.  One short season crop that has been suggested by some has been millet and there is a now company that is asking for your help in growing it. 

We spoke with Paul Knudson from Global Harvest Foods on Friday.  He told us that they are a wild bird food company whose primary ingredients are milo, white proso millet and black oil sunflowers.  Jerry Singleton with Cowtown Ag Supply in Miles City, Montana contacted Paul to discuss the possibility for using white proso millet as a “rescue crop” for some producers this year and he and Paul decided that it could be a good fit. 

Paul will be in eastern Montana on Monday, June 20th and Tuesday, June 21st to discuss with growers any questions they may have.  Jerry Singleton is also available. 

You can give Paul a call at 918-430-6106 or Jerry at 406-234-4575

Paul says that there is seed available.  At this point in time, Paul says that he expects they will make new crop contracts available to producers.  This would involve producers telling the company how many acres they would like to grow and what yield they anticipate.  The company will include with that an “Act of God” clause that protects producers from being unable to fill contracts due to further weather problems. 

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Haylie Shipp


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