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Strong Market Strong Demand at Northern Livestock Video Auction


The Northern Ag Network's Lane Nordlund speaks with Joe Goggins on the progress of the Northern Livestock Video Auction's Early Summer Special. Joe also discusses the new “Northern Gold Program” an exciting new program for cattlemen to take part in to keep up with the pace of today's cattle market.


Ty Thompson explains why video auction have become such a popular tool for marketing calves.  



Final Sale Results

Northen Livestock Video Auction
Feeder Cattle Weighted Average Report for 06/22/2015
Receipts:  40,444    Last Week:  1,790    Year Ago:  58,900
Trading was very active and demand was very good for all classes offered over the past two days. Demand for fall calves was strongest for early October delivery and late November through December deliveries. 

With CME contracts showing strong gains yesterday this gave feeder cattle buyers reason to bid very aggressively on all fall offerings. Offerings were both weaned and un-weaned, with weaned feeders offering a slight premium to un-weaned calves. Differences in preconditioning also led to big price spreads within some weights. Three un-weaned and two weaned preconditioning programs were offered for fall calf offerings. With cattle on feed numbers continuing to come in well below year ago values background feeders and grass cattle buyers continue to compete with feedlot buyers to purchase cattle. Notably, only 26 percent of all offerings were heifers giving even more credence to the fact that producers are retaining the majority of their heifers. Value Added cattle are cattle that qualify for All Natural programs or NHTC. 

Prices are fob with mostly a 8-15 cent slide on feeders over 550 lbs and up to a 30 cent slide on calves under 550 lbs. Weight conditions include mostly a 1-3 percent pencil shrink or equivalent, with many long trailed offerings and light weight 550 lbs and lighter calves weighted on the ground straight. Supply included 74 percent steers and 26 percent heifers. 97.3 percent of the offering was from the Northcentral Region. 48 percent of the sales over 600 lbs.

Receipts: 1,063

Delivery date: June 22th-July 1th
Northcentral  4-7 yrs old Bred cows:  Medium and Large 1 calving Sept 1st 2,400.00.

Delivery date: Sept. 20-Oct 3rd
Northcentral Bred Heifers: Medium and Large 1 975 lbs calving Feb 1st-5th 2,260.00, Calving Feb 20th-March 12th 975 lbs 2,210.00.

Delivery date: June 23rd-26th
Northcenteal Exposed heifers: Medium and Large 1 900-965 lbs calving Feb 07-March 30th 2,050.00-2,150.00



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