U.S. Tractor Sales Up in July, Combines Down


The Association of Equipment Manufacturer's monthly “Flash Report” shows that the sale of all tractors in the U.S. in July 2017, were up fractionally compared to the same month last year.

For the seven months in 2017, a total of 135,267 tractors were sold which compares to 128,105 sold through July 2016 representing a 6{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a} increase for the year, reports Agri Marketing magazine.

Two-wheel drive smaller tractors (under 40 HP) were up 3{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a} from last year, while 40 & under 100 HP were up 4{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a}. Sales of 2-wheel drive 100+ HP were down 24{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a}, while 4-wheel drive tractors were unchanged.

For the year, two-wheel drive smaller tractors (under 40 HP) are up 11{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a} over last year, while 40 & under 100 HP are down .4{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a}. Sales of 2-wheel drive 100+ HP are down 16{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a}, while 4-wheel drive tractors are down 6{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a}.

Meanwhile, combine sales were down 4{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a} for the month. Sales of combines for the year total 2,079 a decrease of 6{b9074abe8f97d35d556dcc91d04f630e2f89dbb1fa8fca20af3e4b7ae12c3e5a} from 2017.

Source: USAgNet

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