Westphal Red Angus


Welcome to our 2015 Sale, 

Thank you for your business and for believing in our program. We believe everyone in the cattle industry must concentrate on balanced traits for their cattle. Here at Westphal Red Angus, that has always been our strategy which you can observe in our sire battery both AI and natural. We believe our balanced approach will reflect in consistency for your calf crop. Westphal Red Angus cattle work for commercial and registered breeders alike. 

Last winter was one of the worst on record for cold and wind chill. Because of the severity of the cold weather the cows were closely confi ned for calving. Consequently our birth weights were slightly effected. The winter was followed by one of the driest springs and summers. But the fall blessed us with tremendous moisture that made for wonderful fall and winter grazing. 

What an exciting time to be a cattle rancher, especially to be in the Red Angus business. There has never been such a demand for Red Angus, and you will find the high quality and high performance cattle you’re looking for with both our bulls and heifers. Not only are we a purebred breeder, we also sell calves by the pound. So, we know our bulls will work on your commercial cattle because we use them on our commercial herd. Once again we are offering heifers from the heart of our operation. You will see a tremendous collection of our heifers in the sale. 

The strength of our ranch depends on our ability to provide you with exceptional cattle and reliable up-to-date decision-making information. Your success is our success! We strive to meet your needs and know you will fi nd these cattle at our sale on March 25, 2015. 

Our greatest joy has been spending time with our grandchildren, Leah and AJ. Jenni and Brett continue to be an important part of the ranch. Jenni has become an independent training and development consultant. Vic continues to enjoy coaching girls’ basketball. They are off to Great Falls this weekend to the Divisional Tournament. Shari continues her love of the ranch, animals, and fi ber arts. Trevor continues to work at Family Outreach and Safeway in Helena. 

We look forward to seeing you! Come check out the cattle and join us for lunch. Thank you for your continued support. 

Sincerely, Vic and Shari Westphal 

Brett, Jenni, Leah and AJ Hedman

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