Winter Wheat Conditions Still Struggling


While the winter wheat crops in Kansas and Oklahoma perked up some condition-wise in the past month, most our region’s acres are still struggling.

In Montana, winter wheat condition as of January 1 was 30{962fe9be9a8a5c386944bfa41f48d98b010325707b70b1fa6182bcabd27c5d7f} good-to-excellent.  That is compared to 72{962fe9be9a8a5c386944bfa41f48d98b010325707b70b1fa6182bcabd27c5d7f} at this time last year, owing in part to a lack of snow cover across the state.  CLICK HERE to read more from the USDA NASS Montana Crop Progress Report.

In South Dakota, 41{962fe9be9a8a5c386944bfa41f48d98b010325707b70b1fa6182bcabd27c5d7f} of the winter wheat is rated in good-to-excellent condition.  Similar to Montana, snow cover is rated 95{962fe9be9a8a5c386944bfa41f48d98b010325707b70b1fa6182bcabd27c5d7f} poor and 5{962fe9be9a8a5c386944bfa41f48d98b010325707b70b1fa6182bcabd27c5d7f} adequate.  CLICK HERE to read more from the USDA NASS South Dakota Crop Progress Report.

In Wyoming, while the acreage is substantially less for winter wheat when compared to Montana or North Dakota, 94{962fe9be9a8a5c386944bfa41f48d98b010325707b70b1fa6182bcabd27c5d7f} of the crop is rated good-to-excellent.  CLICK HERE to read more from the USDA NASS Wyoming Crop Progress Report.

While no condition ratings were given for North Dakota, snow cover protection for winter wheat was rated 94 percent poor and 6 adequate.  CLICK HERE to read more from the USDA NASS North Dakota Crop Progress Report.


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Haylie Shipp


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