Beef Makes it Big on “Wheel of Fortune”


The following news story is from the Kansas Livestock Association:

A group of South Dakota beef supporters has been successful in getting $1,000 in Beef Bucks on the “Wheel of Fortune”. Beef Bucks are pre-paid checks or debit cards for purchasing beef at restaurants and grocery stores. Beginning January 9, this prize will appear as one of the gift tags on the colorful carnival wheel contestants spin for prizes during the popular, nationally syndicated television program.

Landing a spot on the “Wheel of Fortune” was an exercise in tenacity and dedication for those who direct Beef Bucks, Inc., a non-profit, South Dakota based organization with the primary purpose of promoting beef and teaching consumers about beef nutrition and cooking. Bob Montross, a beef producer and one of eight Beef Bucks directors, said the effort to get accepted as one of the gift tags began nearly two years ago as he watched the program. Although the first episode already has been taped, Montross said he, just like other viewers, will have to wait until it airs January 9 to see if a player wins the $1,000 in Beef Bucks.

Beef Bucks, Inc., has sold more than $1 million worth of beef-only checks and reloadable debit cards since its inception in 1997. The Beef Bucks have been used in more than 40 states and are available at

Source:  Kansas Livestock Association

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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