Leachman Horses Sell this Weekend



You may preview the horses on Friday night.  The sale will start at 10 a.m. both days.

The following article is from KTVQ, Montana’s CBS affiliate in Billings:

By David Jay

It’s been almost two months since the plight of hundreds of neglected horses east of Billings hit the news.

After a massive effort by the Crow Tribe and NILE, 820 horses have been rounded up on the old Leachman property.

That’s the number from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), a week before the horses go to auction.

The BIA, veterinarians and volunteers count the horses and get them ready for sale.

“Tagging, cutting off the bands off of the horses, and sexing the horses, so that we have a pretty good accurate count of what we have, said Ed Parisian, a regional director for the BIA.

Ninety percent of the 820 horses belong to the former owner of the land. James Leachman.

“We do have some horses with other brands and brand inspectors will identify that,” Parisian said.”Of course, they’re on trespass because they’re on trust land.”

The horses have drawn donations and help from the BIA, the Montana Board of Livestock, the Yellowstone County Sheriff’s office, the NILE and numerous volunteers.

In January, some horses died and others lacked food, but those now seem to be much healthier.

“Most of the horses are in pretty good shape,” Parisan said. “They’ve been getting fed for some time. There’s a few that have some concerns on. One yesterday had a leg band imbedded, that was pretty much imbedded into the leg.”

“I really don’t know what to expect. I hope a lot of people that might be interested come out and look at the horses and put a bid in for one.”

James Leachman and the other owners have until Tuesday to get their horses back.

If they do not respond, then the horse sale will take place next Saturday and Sunday.

The sale will take place on the old Leachman Ranch property at 1722 Barnes Road.

Source:  KTVQ

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